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See their faces. Read their stories. These are families whose lives have been changed as a result of supporters like you. At first the problems seem too overwhelming to make any difference. But, child by child, family by family, we're changing lives.


This is what gets us excited - seeing families able to live independently.

A chicken business for Sara

"When the doctors said three babies I could not believe it. Life was already very difficult. My husband died and I was sick and knew I couldn't feed them. Forever Angels has helped me. They gave milk when the babies were small and now they are bigger. I am happy to have a business now. I sell chicken feed and it means I can care for my own children. These babies are my blessing."

Sara gave birth to triplets after already having four children. She was only 26 years old and was so weak after delivering them, that she was hospitalised. After she was discharged, she discovered that she had stopped producing milk. She fed her triplets porridge, but they quickly became weak and malnourished.

Thankfully she was referred to Forever Angels where she was given formula milk and taught how to prepare it properly. Her triplets thrived and gained weight quickly. Before giving birth to the triplets, Sara had a job at the local market - but with three small babies at home, she was now unable to go out to work and provide for her 7 children. We provided her with the start up capital for a small  business which she runs from her own house. Sara’s business has done extremely well, and has enabled her to feed all 7 children and pay for the eldest to attend school.

A house for Judith

"Life was very hard when my daughter passed away.  I began caring for baby Judith, but we had no home and had to find money for rent and food.  Having been set up a business in our village helps a lot.  It's amazing.  I am so happy.  Now our life is easier.  The children are not sick and they go to bed with tummies full every night"

Sadly Judith’s mother died in childbirth and her father ran away. Her grandmother, Regina, took her in. With 6 young grandchildren already at home and no means to provide for them, let alone the needs of a newborn, they were struggling. Without breast milk for Judith, she was becoming dangerously malnourished.

A hospital referred Regina to Forever Angels. We were able to provide nutrition for Judith, setup a small business for Regina to create ongoing income and build a house for the family. Judith still lives at home to this day and, with their business, Regina will be able to continue caring for them all into the future.

Elizabeth runs the corner store

"For a whole year Forever Angels assisted us, with milk, food and shelter. I have learned how to raise children in a good environment, to give them proper food at the correct times, and about general hygiene. Life is good now and yes, they are improving."

Elizabeth gave birth to her twins, Kulwa and Dotto three months prematurely. She wasn't producing milk because she was extremely sick with HIV. Elizabeth did all she could to provide for the twins but all she could afford to feed them was black tea. Without the nutrition they needed they became dangerously malnourished.

"We had no food. I was giving them black tea because I could not even afford porridge."

The first thing we did was address the immediate need: nutrition for the twins via life saving formula milk. We worked closely with Elizabeth, teaching her how to prepare milk, educating her in hygiene and malaria prevention and we provided a regular supply of formula milk for her twins. When the family was ready we helped setup a business from her house selling street food. The family's life has totally changed. They are all healthy, happy and the older children are even attending school.

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