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We believe all children should be raised in a loving family. Our first priority is keeping Tanzanian families together.

Together, we’re changing lives


We provide interim care for orphaned and abandoned children in Tanzania.


We also work closely with their families, empowering them to care for their children in their home.

It starts with milk


Twenty women die every day during childbirth in Tanzania, leaving twenty babies without a source of nutrition.

Our story


Forever Angels has 10 years of vast experience of working closely with local families and learning from them the problems they face every day.


It was started by Amy Hathaway who, while living in Tanzania, saw the need to care for orphaned and abandoned children in the Baby Home. Years later came Maisha Matters, as a way to prevent abandonment from happening in the first place.

How we keep kids with their families

The Baby Home


Forever Angels Baby Home cares for Tanzania's most vulnerable  - orphaned and abandoned children, with a focus on reuniting them with their relatives.

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