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Updates and stories from the ground by Amy Hathaway, Founder and Director of Forever Angels and Forever Angels Baby Home.


MBE for our Village

09 February 2018
Baby Home

There is a famous proverb in Tanzania which says, “"It takes a village to raise a child.” Forever Angels has built up a huge ‘village’ over the last 12 years, and together we are doing a great job of ra... Continue reading

Mwanza Fundraiser

25 October 2017
Baby Home

We would LOVE for all our Mwanza friends to celebrate with us on December 2nd at our 'Chakula for Chakula' fundraiser.   

We are trying to raise money to pay the Baby Home food costs for one year.  It promises to be a GREAT  night,... Continue reading

Samantha Goes Home

13 July 2017
Baby Home

Samantha Daudi came to Forever Angels in February 2014 as a 3 week old baby girl.  Her Mum was ill in the Psychiatric Unit at Bugando Hospital and was unable to tell hospital staff about any other relatives.

... Continue reading

Research Partnership - Celebrating 20 Years

21 June 2017
Maisha Matters

So thankful to Research Partnership for their generous donation of £2,000 to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

It will be used to set twenty families up in a sustainable business - one family at a time, changing lives.

Thank you so much

Continue reading

Michelle Gets A Forever Family

20 June 2017
Baby Home

We are all delighted for Michelle who was adopted into her new Forever Family yesterday.

Michelle came to Forever Angels in February after being found abandoned...but now she will grow up in a loving family and we are so happy for her.

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19 June 2017
Maisha Matters

Did you know the collective noun for grandparents is a Wisdom? 

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We have HUGE dreams...

14 June 2017
Baby Home

Our new Strategic Plan is here!…/61e3b793-ea6a-48f3-9934-bf7de4000d…

<... Continue reading

Father's Day

13 June 2017
Maisha Matters

This Sunday is Fathers Day.

Does your Dad REALLY need more socks this year?

Why not buy him a gift that keeps on giving? A gift that empowers families and changes lives.

TWENTY women die every single day in childbirth in Tanzania. Please support us to empower the... Continue reading

Volunteer Farewell

10 June 2017
Baby Home

From our wonderful volunteer Lucy:

"Leaving Forever Angels Baby Home today with a happy but heavy heart...Thank you to everyone who donated to this amazing cause, your quids really do make a real difference... I've seen first hand how well looked after and loved these precious little peopl... Continue reading

Godbless Gets A Family

04 June 2017
Baby Home

Godbless was born around 25th December 2013 and for reasons we are not sure about, when he was about two months old, he was abandoned near a cemetery.  He was found by a passer by was taken to Shinyanga hospital where he stayed for about two months in the hope that his Mum would return for h... Continue reading

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Yasini Goes Home

25 May 2017
Baby Home

Yasini came to Forever Angels in October 2014 as a six week old baby after his Mum sadly died in childbirth.

His Dad had two other young children and was not able to care for the needs of a new born.


Yasini has been greatly loved at Forever Angels but... Continue reading

Aysha Is Adopted

18 May 2017
Baby Home

Aysha came to Forever Angels in October 2016 when she was about three months old after being found abandoned.

Today, I am delighted to report that she went home to her new adopted Mama.

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Georgina Goes Home!

17 May 2017
Baby Home

Georgina came to Forever Angels in April 2015 as a three week old baby after her Mum tragically died in childbirth.  Her Uncle and sister wanted to care for her but they were both studying and planned to finish school first.

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Ashley Moves On

29 April 2017
Baby Home

Ashley came to Forever Angels in October 2009 aged about 6 weeks after being abandoned with his twin sister, Amani. 

It soon became clear that Ashley had Cerebral Palsy - but that never let hi... Continue reading

Salvatori Goes Home

09 April 2017
Baby Home

We are thrilled to report that Salvatori has gone home to live with his Dad and Aunt.

Salvatori Alex came to Forever Angels in March 2016, when he was just two weeks old.  He was the ninth child to be born to his Mother, but six of his s... Continue reading

New Babies

31 March 2017
Baby Home

Welcome to Mariam and Violet who came to Forever Angels yesterday.


Mariam is 6 weeks old and after her Mum sadly died in childbirth, her relatives did not return to the hospital to collect her. We are ho... Continue reading

Seba and Omari - Blasts from the Past

27 March 2017
Baby Home

Back in 2006, the first year of Forever Angels - we got our first set of twins. I am not allowed to have favourites...but if I did...Seba and Omari would be up there!

Their Mum sadly died in childbirth... Continue reading

Bahati Gets A Family!

14 March 2017
Baby Home

Since living at the Baby Home since he was just two weeks old, yesterday, Bahati Gift went home to his new adoptive family!


He came to Forever Angels back in March... Continue reading

SOS Kids

09 March 2017
Baby Home
Look at how happy all our big kids are who moved to SOS Childrens Village last year!  It is so wonderful to see them all happy and settled in their new home. Continue reading

Today Is My Birthday!

06 March 2017
Maisha Matters

Today is my 38th birthday. I have been alive for 13,870 days, and never once, did I go to bed hungry. I am lucky. Pretty much anyone reading this should consider themselves lucky.

On the other hand - this is Magreth. She has been alive for 97 days. She has NEVER gone to... Continue reading

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