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Updates and stories from the ground by Amy Hathaway, Founder and Director of Forever Angels and Forever Angels Baby Home.


Yasini Goes Home

25 May 2017
Baby Home

Yasini came to Forever Angels in October 2014 as a six week old baby after his Mum sadly died in childbirth.

His Dad had two other young children and was not able to care for the needs of a new born.


Yasini has been greatly loved at Forever Angels but... Continue reading

Aysha Is Adopted

18 May 2017
Baby Home

Aysha came to Forever Angels in October 2016 when she was about three months old after being found abandoned.

Today, I am delighted to report that she went home to her new adopted Mama.

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Georgina Goes Home!

17 May 2017
Baby Home

Georgina came to Forever Angels in April 2015 as a three week old baby after her Mum tragically died in childbirth.  Her Uncle and sister wanted to care for her but they were both studying and planned to finish school first.

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Ashley Moves On

29 April 2017
Baby Home

Ashley came to Forever Angels in October 2009 aged about 6 weeks after being abandoned with his twin sister, Amani. 

It soon became clear that Ashley had Cerebral Palsy - but that never let hi... Continue reading

Salvatori Goes Home

09 April 2017
Baby Home

We are thrilled to report that Salvatori has gone home to live with his Dad and Aunt.

Salvatori Alex came to Forever Angels in March 2016, when he was just two weeks old.  He was the ninth child to be born to his Mother, but six of his s... Continue reading

New Babies

31 March 2017
Baby Home

Welcome to Mariam and Violet who came to Forever Angels yesterday.


Mariam is 6 weeks old and after her Mum sadly died in childbirth, her relatives did not return to the hospital to collect her. We are ho... Continue reading

Seba and Omari - Blasts from the Past

27 March 2017
Baby Home

Back in 2006, the first year of Forever Angels - we got our first set of twins. I am not allowed to have favourites...but if I did...Seba and Omari would be up there!

Their Mum sadly died in childbirth... Continue reading

Bahati Gets A Family!

14 March 2017
Baby Home

Since living at the Baby Home since he was just two weeks old, yesterday, Bahati Gift went home to his new adoptive family!


He came to Forever Angels back in March... Continue reading

SOS Kids

09 March 2017
Baby Home
Look at how happy all our big kids are who moved to SOS Childrens Village last year!  It is so wonderful to see them all happy and settled in their new home. Continue reading

Today Is My Birthday!

06 March 2017
Maisha Matters

Today is my 38th birthday. I have been alive for 13,870 days, and never once, did I go to bed hungry. I am lucky. Pretty much anyone reading this should consider themselves lucky.

On the other hand - this is Magreth. She has been alive for 97 days. She has NEVER gone to... Continue reading

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Donate Your Birthday

04 March 2017
Maisha Matters

We first met Kulwa and Dotto as newborns in 2015.  Their young Mum (Janeth) was severely sick during pregnancy and was not producing any breast milk.  They were malnourished and at risk of death. 

Our Maisha Matters project supported Janeth with weekly formula... Continue reading


25 February 2017
Baby Home

Fatuma came to Forever Angels Baby Home in December 2015 when she was just 2 months old.  We already knew about her and had been taking milk to her in hospital for a few weeks as part of our Maisha Matters Project.

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24 February 2017
Baby Home

Katula is absolutely loving using this amazing Upsee Firefly walking support.  Her favourite thing to do is to walk around the garden with her friends ...... it was such a special moment when Sarah and Juliet came and held her hand and walked with her!

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Update from Bethany

21 February 2017
Baby Home

I was delighted to get news this week of these \'Smiley Six\'.

Jennifer, Theo, Joshua, Neema, Yunisi and Esther all lived at Forever Angels as infants and when they were 5 years old, they moved to live at Bethany Orphanage.

Bethany are doing a wonderful job of caring for these c... Continue reading

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Who we are

13 February 2017
Baby Home

Over the last few months we have been wrestling with how best to communicate who we are - how to keep our core community who have been with us for ten years, as well as how to welcome our new friends and followers.

Over the last couple of years we have expanded to more than just a B... Continue reading


11 February 2017
Baby Home

It is amazing what a few weeks of love and good food can do!

Samia came to us in January - a very sad and confused little girl.

 We are now catching glimpses of her smile and she is so much happier.

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30 January 2017
Baby Home

Although we believe in family and we always try to keep babies at homes with their families - sometimes it is not possible. 

When a mother dies in childbirth and there are no other female relatives to help, the Baby Home is the next best option for a baby. The Baby Home provid... Continue reading


Johnson Gets a Family

03 January 2017
Baby Home

Johnson came to Forever Angels in May 2016 when he was about 7 weeks old. We have loved watching him grow over the last few months. He is an adorable little boy with the biggest, brown eyes.

We are delighted to report that this week, Johnson was adopted into a new family! This little bo... Continue reading


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